Nathan Roberts (the “nathan” behind nathanworks) is the Director of  Management Information Systems  for CareerSource Florida.  Roberts oversees the information and communication technology team and infrastructure including information security, cloud computing, software development, and systems administration. He has previously held positions in data management, systems administration, web development and donor relations. An avid technology enthusiast, he blogs and tweets regularly about Internet safety, new technologies, and mobile computing.

Roberts holds a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Florida State University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from FSU, an Associate of Arts degree in music performance from Ricks College, and several technology certifications. He regularly volunteers for his church and enjoys reading non-fiction and historical fiction titles. He also enjoys playing his double bass and the piano. A native of New Mexico, Roberts considers Florida home after stops in Idaho and Texas. He and his amazing wife have four children.

Nathan welcomes feedback on this site. Please contact him using the form to the right or by commenting directly to Solutions and/or Insight.


One of the principal aims of MIS is achieving the highest quality output with the lowest effort, or said another way, finding the nexus between high quality and efficiency. I pursue this lofty goal with experience, passion and integrity.


Two decades working with people and ICT.

Knowledge Applied Over Time

Through study and application, I have the soft and hard skills to work with people and technologies and drive toward solutions.


I love what I do and the people I work with.

Pursuing Perfection

I embrace continuous improvement through study, exploration and pratice.


I work to be true to myself and to God.

Honesty and Transparency

What good is experience and passion without fairness and trustworthiness? I strive to be a complete person.



My goal, at least, is to make sense of IT. Let’s face it: there are a ton of technologies available and making sense of all the choices can be daunting. And once the choice about which technology is right has been made, there are further questions that require answers, such as: Which vendor should I use? How will I accomplish implementation? Security? Training?

Need help making sense of IT? That’s why I created this website. And I’m always open for questions and opportunities to help.