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Disable Background Apps in Windows 10

Want to improve system performance, increase battery life, and free up network bandwidth? Unnecessary background applications running in Windows 10 can decrease your system's performance, diminish battery life, and consume network bandwidth. You can free up precious system resources by disabling background applications you aren't using. Let's get started! Click Start>  Settings. [...]

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Emojis and Symbols

Want quick access to emojis and symbols in any Windows application? Microsoft has built a really neat shortcut into Windows 10 that lets you quickly access emojis, kaomojis, and symbols. This is available in any app, so no matter what you are doing, from working in a browser to composing [...]

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Focus Assist in Windows 10

Is all your useful communications technology getting in the way when you have important work to be done? When we have pressing work that requires our focus, it helps to minimize distractions. Microsoft created Focus Assist to help. Go to Start> Settings. In the Find a setting search box, type “focus” and choose Focus assist [...]

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